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  1. vacill-ation:

    "I liked making appointments. Chatting on the internet. Talking on the phone. Then going. It was like a game."

    Jeune & Jolie (2013)
    François Ozon


  2. Sera Park for W Korea, March 2012

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  3. lelaid:

    Lara Stone in Kiev for W, July 2007

    Shot by Juergen Teller

    Styled by Camilla Nickerson

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  4. amber-danique:

    Charlotte Gainsbourg et Julie Glenn dans L’effrontée (1985)

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  5. the60sbazaar:

    This is the only picture of Jennifer Lawrence I’m sharing - successful and not giving a fuck



  7. kingazhar:

    Sorrowing Old Man (‘At Eternity’s Gate’) is an oil painting by Vincent van Gogh that he made in 1890 in Saint-Rémy de Provence based on an early lithograph. The painting was completed in early May at a time when he was convalescing from a severe relapse in his health and some two months before his death, generally accepted as a suicide.


  8. ljosio:

    Egon Schiele, The Little Town (1913)

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  10. supermodelgif:

    Frank Sinatra and Celeste Holm in High Society, 1956


  11. Alina Aliluykina



  13. pussy-berry:

    Enter the Void, Gasper Noé

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  14. hautedeath:

    thank god that i’m hot otherwise people wouldn’t forgive me for being a bitch

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